The Christian Parker Bench (Snowmass)

There is a bench by the Ski Patrol shcak on top of Sams Knob at Snowmass that has carved into the seatback: 

"Snowmass Ski Patrol--In Memory of Christian Parker 1962-1995." 

Does anyone have any biographical information on Christian Parker?  If you have any information on Christian Parker that would be appropriate to be added to this page, please send to the author at

Photos of it are below and also below are 3 photos of Christian along with some of his fellow Ski Patrollers; he is second from the right on one knee in the last photo.


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Parker_Bench_1.jpg Parker_Bench_2.jpg
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christian_parker_bard_sullenger_(2).jpg christian_parker_bard_sullenger_(3).jpg
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Christian's hockey stick is mounted on the wall of the Ski Patrol shack on top of High Alpine.  These photos were taken in February of 2017.

parker_hockey_feb_2017_(1).JPG parker_hockey_feb_2017_(2).JPG
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