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The Stein Eriksen Shrine (Snowmass)

The Stein Eriksen Shrine is on Snowmass. 

For information on Stein Eriksen, see this page:

See this Aspen Historical Society page, which has this quote:  "He was the director of skiing at Deer Valley resort, and a five-star, mid-mountain lodge was named in his honor there. In Aspen, he was the ski school director at Aspen Highlands (beginning in 1958) and Snowmass (from 1967 to 1973), and had a multiple retail shops. There are tributes to him around town, including a ski run named after him on Highlands."  One of the items in this shrine is a photo of Stein loading the first chair at Snowmass when it opened in 1967.

I have been told that this shrine was installed sometime in 2016. (Stein died in December of 2015.)

If you are the person who installed this Shrine, please contact me; I have some questions I would like to ask you about it.  

Photos of it are below; these were taken during the 2018-19 ski season.  Click on images to enlarge.