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The Fabio's Desire Sign (Snowmass)

The "Fabio's Desire" sign is on Snowmass.  It is named after an Aspen/Snowmass skier who goes by the name of "Fabio."  No one seems to know his real name.  He named himself after Fabio, the Italian-American actor/fashion model and spokesman (photo below), who appeared on the covers of dozens of romance novels throughout the 1980s and 1990s.  "Dig Me!"  Photos of the sign are below (click on images to enlarge).  If you have any information about this sign, or about Fabio, that you would like to share for use on this page, please send to [email protected].  Thanks to Catalina Cruz and Sue Keating for their help with this item.

Lorenzo Semple has written several articles for the Aspen Daily News that mention Fabio.  For example, see and

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