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The "Victor's Colon" Sign (Snowmass)

Some people refer to that part of Snowmass' Sandy Park run by the Meadows Lift as "Victor's Colon."  There is a sign posted on a tree near there (in the shape of a "V") that says "Victor's Colon" on it.   This is named after Victor Gerdin, an employee of the ski company.  Victor is a past 3-term PSIA Demo Team Member, former SSA Ski School Director, current SSA Trainer, and current ASC Mountain Planner.  He is an avid mountain biker, whitewater kayaker, and private pilot.  For more on Victor, see this link:

Photos of the sign are below.

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The sign was updated sometime in late 2012 or early 2013.   Photos of this updated version are below.

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Across the run from where the above sign is located is another sign that reads "AKA Victor's Doppelpunkt."  See the four photos below which were taken in February 2019.  Click on images to enlarge.