Sanctuaries in the Snow

Signs at Aspen Highlands (Aspen Highlands)

This page covers various signs at Aspen Highlands.  To see photos of these signs, go to this Facebook photo album (you do not need to have a Facebook account in order to view the album):  The person in most of these photos is "Paulie."  I am not sure who he is, do not know his last name, and I wanted to contact him regarding the use of his photos for this page, but I have no contact information for him.  Signs in this album include:  Middle Fork, Highland Peak, Log Jam, Tsunami, Hard To Get To, South Castle Chute, Fran's Love, MyThstic, F.T.I.S., PO, Stage Left, Lady Luck, Lucky Charms, Mushroom, Harvey's, Lower Golden Horn, Sleepy Hallow, Powerline, A+, Stop Sign, Lucky Find, Canopy Cruiser, Kiss This, Kiss This Two, Kiss This Twee, De Va Driive, OK Traverse, Monkey Lounge, Mac 6. GLE, Bowling Alley, Y8, P2, Alternate Route, P1, Dane's Lane, GoGo Gully Shrine, Y8, Upper Hyde Park, Dole's Knoll, Y7, P3, Y5, North Fork, South Fork, Enigma, C&H, Nark's Nook, Jerome Bowl, Mystery Gully, S. Castle Thermal, Superman, Typhoon, Springtime, Chix Coop, 5 Point Park, Land of the Little People, The Oasis, Lime Junkity Jump, and Skiwee.