Sanctuaries in the Snow



Sources are listed below.  Other sources are also listed on the individual and applicable Shrine and Plaque pages on this site.

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The Aspen Times "Winter In Aspen" magazine (Winter 2014-2015).  "The Mysterious Shrines of Aspen" by David Wood.  The article features photos of the Golf Shrine and the Jerry Garcia Shrine.  Click this link and advance to page 60 for the 3-page article:

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The Aspen Times--Aspen's Best/The Best of Aspen/Local's Choice

From 2003 through 2010 the Aspen Times newspaper invited members of the public to vote on what they thought was the "Best Shrine."  This was discontinued starting in 2011.  Below are the results and quotes from the articles announcing the results, and links: 

2003:  "We knew there were a lot of ski shrines tucked away on our four mountains, but we had no idea just how many. Does everyone know there's a shrine for Britney Spears, or are we just out of the loop?  How about Yankee Stadium?  Guess we need to spend more time in the trees. And judging by this year's winner, the people casting votes spent plenty of 'quality' time hanging out in the woods.  The shrine for the Grateful Dead's late, gray-haired leader, Jerry Garcia, was far and away the most popular.  Jerry has been an all-time Aspen hero, and apparently the legend lives on.  Way back in second was the John Denver shrine.  Denver wrote 'Rocky Mountain High,' but perhaps wasn't as much of a hanging-out-in-the-trees kind of guy ...The Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix shrines also proved popular.  Our favorite answers:  Some people apparently missed the header at the top of this category that stated 'On the Mountain.'  St. Mary's Catholic Church is certainly a beautiful shrine, but last we checked it was smack dab in the middle of town.  Either way, a good handful of people called it their favorite shrine.  The roundabout also got a vote, though we're not sure what it's a shrine to.  Endless highway construction?  The way Aspenites go around and around?  Our favorite answer was 'the new shrine we are going to build for Toad.'  Toad Olson, the kids ski instructor who died recently, certainly deserves the best shrine Buttermilk can offer. Everyone pitch in."   July 25, 2003.

2004:  "BEST SHRINE:  Jerry Garcia.  The shrine to Jerry Garcia on Aspen Mountain is perhaps Aspen's most well-known shrine.  You might say the Jerry shrine leads all others in skier visits.  Located near the top of the FIS chair in the woods off Ruthie's Run, the Jerry shrine is one of dozens of shrines on the four area mountains dedicated to cult figures and - let's be honest - the establishment of woodsy nooks in which to get high.  That said, toking up at the shrine to the hippie guitar hero from the Grateful Dead is sometimes a sketchy proposition - it's the shrine where you're most liable to be visited by a class of ski school kids.  'Jerry who?'"   January 9, 2005.

2005:  "BEST SHRINE.  There were 24 entries in this category (are there really that many shrines out there?), but only three received enough votes to be actual contenders.  The Grateful Dead must still be hip, because the Jerry Garcia shrine on Aspen Mountain won with 21 votes.  The John Denver Sanctuary in Rio Grande Park came in second, despite being a landscaped sanctuary and not really a "shrine" in the informal-nook-in-the-woods sense of the word.  The Elvis shrine came in third with 14 votes.  Whatever happened to Marilyn Monroe and Ludwig the Dream King?"  September 3, 2005.

2006:  "The shrine to Jerry Garcia, the late and great guitarist for the Grateful Dead, shrine is without a doubt the biggest, baddest, most popular and most colorful shrine of them all.  John Denver got a number of votes, as did the Storm King memorial, but the ragtag monument to Captain Trips has the mojo and wins every year."   September 2, 2006.

2007:  "Jerry Garcia has dominated this category in recent years, but Elvis appears to have come back to life.  Other vote-getters in this uniquely Aspen category included John Denver, Jimi Hendrix, Fort Frog, “lady shrine highlands” and “naked lady smoke shack.”  Yankee Stadium made the list, and this one piqued the staff’s interest: “Future Harley Baldwin.”   September 1, 2007.

2008:  "Elvis came back to life briefly last year, at least where Aspen’s Best is concerned, but Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia surged back to prominence in 2008.  The Garcia shrine, tucked into a glade high on Aspen Mountain, is easy to reach and a great spot to relax, so it’s no surprise that it reappears again and again as Aspenites’ favorite shrine.  Other vote-getters, in descending order, included John Denver, Elvis, Eric Smith, Hunter S. Thompson, Chicks on Sticks and, from someone who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, “Don’t Care.”   January 11, 2009.

2010:  "Any mountain-town newspaper could poll its readers about their favorite restaurants, trails and places, but the only place you'll see a question about shrines is in Aspen.  The readers’ favorite among the hidden, richly decorated nooks at our local ski areas is the shrine to Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.  But numerous votes came in for Elvis, John Denver, Marilyn Monroe and Hunter Thompson as well.  There were also a couple of votes for the memorial to the firefighters who died on Storm King mountain near Glenwood Springs in 1994."  June 9, 2010.
2011: The article was renamed "Local's Choice" in 2011 and the "Favorite Shrine" category was dropped until 2016.
2016:  In an article ("Aspen:  Only the Best") in the Aspen Times Weekly of January 5, 2017, the "Best Shrine" in the readers' poll was announced.  First place went to the Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia Shrine, second place to the John Denver Shrine, and third place to the Aspen Friends We Have Lost/In Memory of Friends of Aspen Shrine.  Here is the link to the article: and here is a quote from the article:  "BEST SHRINE--A Matter of Taste:  If you have a passion, there is likely a shrine on one of our local mountains to tickle your fancy. From the Jerry to Elvis to Marilyn to Hunter S. Thompson, you can find a shrine in their memory. Or, are you more grounded? Seek the Golf Shrine or the Kitty Cat Shrine. Our readers had their faves: Grateful Dead, John Denver and, the one that touches our hearts, Aspen Friends We Have Lost. Here’s to you, Stewy."


2017:  In an article in the Aspen Times Weekly of January 4, 2018, the "Best Shrine" results in the readers' poll were announced:  1.  John Denver Sanctuary, 2.  Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia, and 3.  Hunter S. Thompson.  Click this link and advance to page 29: 


"Aspen/Snowmass--An insider's guide to the perfect ski vacation" by Georgia Strickland.  This book has a section on the Aspen Shrines and calls the author's book about the Aspen Shrines "a great book."

Aspen/  This Aspen Skiing Company page mentions the Aspen Shrines (as of August 2019):  "There are...more than 70 shrines, hidden in the trees, that commemorate locals and celebrities alike and contribute to the unique character of this place."  See:

Aspen Trailfinder, "Secret Shrines,"

Atlas Obscura, covers the Hunter S. Thompson Shrine on Snowmass

The Austin American-Statesman, "When in Aspen, ski, shop, dine and hunt for shrines on the mountain. Memorial to Austin’s Stevie Ray Vaughan is among dozens tucked in trees on the mountain," November 1, 2014. This article by Pam LeBlanc mentions some of the Aspen Shrines, including the Golf Shrine, the Stevie Ray Vaughan Shrine and the Scottish Shrine, and also mentions my book about the Aspen Shrines and how to buy it.  Thereafter, this story was printed in over 30 other newspapers, including these:  Orange County Register, Seattle Times, Sun Sentinel, Korea Herald, Chicago Tribune, Lexington Herald-Leader, Boulder Daily Camera, The Florida Current, San Luis Obispo Tribune, Bradenton Herald, Idaho Statesman, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fresno Bee, Merced Star-Sun, Macon Georgia Telegraph, Wichita Eagle, State (South Carolina), Bellingham Herald, Kansas City Star, Miami Herald, Modesto Bee, Centre Daily Times (State College, PA), Orlando Sentinel, Dallas Morning News, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Daily Press (Virginia), GMToday (Waukesha, Wisconsin), Belleville News-Democrat, Travel Weekly, and Houston Chronicle.  This is the link to the article as it appeared in the Houston Chronicle:

CBS Channel 4 Denver,  article dated September 24, 2012 ("Top Literary Landmarks In Colorado" by Deborah Flomberg) which mentions the Hunter S. Thompson Shrine on Snowmass.,  "Colorado’s Top Literary Landmarks" by Leanne Goebel.  The Hunter S. Thompson Shrine is listed.


Colorado AvidGolfer magazine, "Visiting the Woods" by Jake Kubié, May 2010, page 24.  This article is about The Golf Shrine at Snowmass.
Colorado AvidGolfer magazine, "Tribute in the Trees" by David Wood, September 2009, page 64.  This article is about The Golf Shrine at Snowmass.
Colorado Life Magazine.  January-February 2017.  "Secret Shrines Hidden on Aspen's Ski Slopes" by Dan Leeth.  The article contains a nice plug for my book about the Aspen/Snowmass Shrines and also a photo of the Hunter S. Thompson Shrine.
Colorado Ski Country USA, Club Colorado Blog, March 31, 2012, "The Secret Shrines of Aspen/Snowmass" by Dan Rabin,  (part 1) and  (part 2).

Colorado Springs Outdoors, "Temples in the Trees" by Dave Philipps, February 20, 2007. 


Conde Nast,  "Pay Your Respects at the Snowmass Shrines" by Eric J. Leech, May 25, 2013,

Cullin, Kevin.  Video segment on the Snowmass Shrines.  Click the link and advance to the 18:25 mark.  He refers to David Wood as a "Local Legend."

Dallas Morning News, February 16, 2017, "Check out Aspen's quirky mountain memorials hidden among the trees" by Dan Leeth,

Denver Post, March 7, 2010, "Husted: Off the beaten mountain paths but dear to fans of dearly departed" by Bill Husted.

Denver Post, December 20, 2012, "Aspen--Street Sign Missing From the Jerry Garcia's Shrne."

Denver Post, "Secret shrines to Elvis, Jerry Garcia, John Denver and more live on Aspen slopes. Here’s how to find them."  March 21, 2018, by Dan Leeth,

Destination Mundo.  See this October 12, 2020 Destination Mundo article which mentions the Aspen Shrines:  (News Corp Australia) "America’s best ski town is a mix of luxury and counterculture" by Jeremy Drake, October 16, 2019.  This article about Aspen has a section on "Shrine Hunting" which features one of my photos of the Jerry Garcia Shrine.

First Load.  "Aspen Shrines" video, published January 15, 2016:

Forbes magazine, January 18, 2012, "What A Five-Star Ski Concierge Can Do For You." and Mens Journal, "Shrine to gonzo journalist hidden in Aspen’s woods" February 19, 2016, by Stephen Krcmar.

Hayden's Sports Blog, "Playing Golf on Skis"

Hemispheres Magazine (United Airlines), "Three Perfect Days Colorado Rockies" by Sam Polcer, November 2015.  Click this link and scroll down to page 9:   And also see this page:

"In Snowmass" Magazine, (Early Winter 2011), "The Shrines of Aspen/Snowmass: Unique, Mystical, and Hidden," by David Wood.
International Traveler, June 1, 2017, "Aspen – 13 secrets the brochures won’t tell you"   No.1 is the Aspen Shrines.
Kush magazine, (print edition) November 15, 2001, Volume 3, Issue 11, page 74, "Hidden Treasures of Colorado/Pay Your Respects at the Snowmass Shrines" by Eric J. Leech., "The Cannabis Connoisseur’s Guide to the Ultimate Weekend in Aspen" by Katie Shapiro, January 12, 2018,  This article mentions the Shrines of Aspen/Snowmass and contains a link to this web site, as well as photos of the Hunter S. Thompson and Jerry Garica Shrines, and here is a quote from the article:  "Find the most epic of session spots on-mountain in the shrines of Aspen Snowmass.  Hidden in the trees across all four mountains are sanctuaries in the snow that pay homage to the likes of Jerry Garcia (Aspen Mountain), David Bowie (Aspen Mountain), The Beatles (Aspen Mountain), Hunter S. Thompson (Snowmass), John Denver (Buttermilk), and many more with memorabilia.  If you can’t find one on your own, ask a friendly local on the ride up."

Luxury Travel Magazine, "Shrines in the Snow" by Jenny Caspersonn, issue 49, January (summer) 2012, page 118.

Material Religion, Volume 15, issue 3,  "The Right to Shrine”:  Global Celebrity, Colonial Logics, and Local Knowledge in Aspen’s Mountainside Memorials, by Cody Musselman, May 18, 2019.  (Yale Doctoral paper.)

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The New York Times, "JOURNEYS; 36 Hours/Aspen, Colo." by Lois Smith Bradley, January 9, 2004. web site.  The Aspen Shrines are mentioned in this article;  "Seven sights to see off the slopes in Aspen."  Click the link and go to paragraph #3: 


On the Snow.  A seven-part series by Amanda Rae Busch on the Aspen/Snowmass Shrines.  She refers to David Wood as the "definitive authority" on the Shrines.




 1.  "Can you find Elvis, John Denver & Hunter S. Thompson at Aspen/Snowmass?"
2.  "Aspen/Snowmass Tree Shrines:  Hunter S. Thompson Shrine."


Outside Magazine In this December 9, 2004 article by Elizabeth Hightower, Outside Magazine mentions some of the Shrines on Aspen Mountain. Here is a quote from the article: "SOUL PATCH: Tucked in the trees on Aspen Mountain are shrines to Elvis, Jerry Garcia, Marilyn Monroe, and, of course, Liberace. But Walsh's Run, one of the steepest drops on Ajax, is where you'll find sacred ground: The Raoul Wille shrine, a tiny shack festooned with prayer flags and elk bones, honors a longtime local who died climbing in Nepal."

Outside Magazine.  A photo of the Golf Shrine on Snowmass is featured in this Jan 30, 2017 Outside Magazine article by Megan Michelson:   "You Can't Call Yourself a Skier Till You've Adopted These Traditions"   The article makes a favorable mention of the author's Aspen Shrines book.

OUTSIDE, "8 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Unicorn This Winter," November 18, 2019, by Megan Michelson,, "Local Secrets:  Temples in the Trees" by Dave Philipps, July 1, 2015.

Powder Magazine, "The Most Sacred Shacks, Shrines, and Sculptures in the Mountains" December 27, 2017, by Ian Fohrman.  This article mentions the Jerry Garcia Shrine:   Also, see this video:

Reader Digest Canada.  This article mentions my book about the Aspen/Snowmass Shrines.  "Explore Aspen's Secret Shrines."


Reforma.  See this Shrine article that appeared on February 16, 2017, in one of the largest newspapers in Mexico:

Tribute in the mountains--More than 100 shrines have mysteriously appeared in the mountains of the Aspen Snowmass ski resort in Colorado.

Reforma, February 16, 2017

By Analine Cedillo

Hidden among the trees, waiting to be discovered by skiers or snowboarders sliding down the slopes of the Aspen Snowmass resort, there are a hundred shrines dedicated to artists, loved ones and hobbies.  "No one knows for sure when the tradition of these shrines began," explains David Wood, author of the book "Sanctuaries in the Snow-The Shrines and Memorials of Aspen / Snowmass", which addresses this manifestation full of local flavor, which contributes To distinguish this destination from Colorado in the United States.  Most have been placed anonymously and their date of installation unknown. A belief is that it all began with the appearance of a sanctuary dedicated to Elvis Presley in the late 70's or early 80's. The famous American singer died in August 1977.  At first all shrines were on Aspen Mountain and most honored musicians. Currently they are in the four mountains that integrate the resort: Aspen,Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass. Its decoration consists of photos, pictures, plaques, silk flowers and other souvenirs related to the idols of the community.  "There are no maps that show their location, directions are given by word of mouth and in many cases local knowledge is needed to find some that are really hidden," says Wood.  "They are a way in which the locals have appropriated the tourist resort."  Among the most recent sanctuaries in Aspen is dedicated to David Bowie, a British artist who died in January 2016.  "I've heard a rumor that one dedicated to Prince might be on the way," Wood shared in mid-January this year.  On Aspen Mountain, which has most shrines, in addition to Elvis's other famous ones are those dedicated to musicians Jerry Garcia and Marilyn Monroe, documents the writer.  In Snowmass, there are those dedicated to golf and American writer Hunter S. Thompson, who lived in the village of Aspen for a while and was a regular at the Jerome Hotel J-Bar, a place still famous for après-ski.



Rootsrated, "The Inside Story Behind the Mysterious Shrines of Aspen Ski Slopes" by Allison Pattillo, January 17, 2016,

S-Media (Snow Sports Culture) article that mentions the Aspen Shrines:  "SHRINES--What do Jerry Garcia, Michael Jackson, Yankee Stadium, Guiness Beer, Bowling, 9-11 and Dale Earnhardt all have in common? They, along with 60 odd other people, places, things, sports or food have shrines erected in their honour by locals in and around Aspen Snowmass’ four mountain resorts. The shrines are not easily found or seen, for often than either being found by accident or with the help of local knowledge. The Aspen Times described the shrines as a tradition where “locals have been ducking into favorite hideouts on Aspen Mountain and nailing pictures, license plates, beads, silk flowers, wind chimes and other memorabilia to tree trunks in honour of their particular heroes."  Click this link and advance to page 43:

Scotland on Sunday (Edinburgh, Scotland), November 16 2014, "Hidden Shrine to Scots Set Up in Ski Resort" by Stephen McGinty. 

The Seattle Times, "Search For Shrines If You Ski At Aspen," November 16, 2014.  See this page for the Scottish Shrine on Aspen Mountain:

"Shrines on Aspen Mountain" video, JourneyMarco, Published on Apr 18, 2015. "There are over 100 shrines hidden in the woods on Aspen Mountain. Many are dedicated to famous singers like the Grateful Dead, Elvis and John Denver. There's even one for Snoopy and a memorial for 9/11. These shrines are made up from all sorts of memorabilia and they are little tributes to the stars or events they are dedicated to."

The Sidney Morning Herald, "Almost heaven," by Debbie Hunter, October 14, 2007

The Sidney Morning Herald/Traveller AU, October 20, 2017, "Top 10 tombs and museums dedicated to death and the afterlife" by Brian Johnston.  The Aspen Shrines are listed as #4 of the 10:  "The first mountain shrines at this Colorado ski resort appeared in the 1970s, hidden among the trees just off the runs; ask ski instructors for locations. They celebrate mostly dead pop celebrities from Elvis to Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix to Michael Jackson, and consist of photos, magazine pages, Mardi Gras beads, whiskey bottles and other assorted memorabilia. The best shrine might be to Jerry Garcia off Ruthie's Run."  A photo of the Jerry Garcia Shrine by Chad Spector is featured.  Click here for the article:

Sierra Golfer magazine, "Golf and Skiing" by David Wood, April 2009.  This article contains some material on The Golf Shrine at Snowmass.

SKI magazine, "Aspen's Secret Shrines, In Pictures" by Jake Bogoch, January 2010, This article is a review of David Wood's book "Sanctuaries in the Snow" which is available for purchase on this site; see:

SKI magazine, "Dropping In: John Denver's Moral Victory" by Rob Story, December 12, 2005., "Aspen's Secret Ski Shrines" October 12, 2009, by Greg Fitzsimmons.

Snowmass Sun, "A shrine for its time, Golf shrine draws luminaries, locals," March 30, 2011, by Madeleine Osberger, Sun Staff Writer.

Snowmass Sun, "A Shrine is Born" February 14, 2007.  (This article is about the creation of The Golf Shrine at Snowmass.)

Snowmass Sun, "Ajax shrines removed, Snowmass memorials damaged" April 5, 2012, by Andre Salvail.  

Snowmass Sun, "Last Shot" March 13-19, 2013, page 19, a photo of Camilo Villegas in the Golf Shrine and a photo of the New England Patriots Shrine.
Snowmass Sun, "Last Shot" November 13, 2013, page 11, a photo of Gracie's Cabin on Snowmass.
Snowmass Sun, "Last Shot" December 11, 2013,  page 13, a photo of the "Sasquatch Crossing" sign on Snowmass.
Snowmass Sun, "Last Shot" December 25, 2013, page 19, a photo of the "Big Foot Crossing" sign on Snowmass.
Snowmass Sun, "Last Shot" January 22, 2014, page 15, a photo of the golf bag that is in the Golf Shrine on Snowmass.
Snowmass Sun, "Last Shot" April 2, 2014, page 15, a photo of the Kitty Cat Shrine on Snowmass.
Snowmass Sun, "Last Shot" April 30, 2014, page 11, a photo of women golfers on display in the Golf Shrine on Snowmass.
Snowmass Sun, "Last Shot" March 9, 2016, page 11, a photo Justin Leonard in the Golf Shrine on Snowmass.


Snowmass Sun, "Last Shot" December 21, 2016, page 15, a photo of the Golf Shrine on Snowmass, showing that Arnold Palmer was now memorialized there. 


Snowmass Sun, "Local shrines captured in new tome" July 29, 2009.  This article is about David Wood's book, "Sanctuaries in the Snow."  This book is available for purchase on this site; see:

Snowmass Sun, "Paying Homage at the Shrine" January 14, 2009.  (This article is about PGA Tour player Chris DiMarco visiting The Golf Shrine at Snowmass.)

Snowmass Sun, "Shrines Revealed in 'Sanctuaries in the Snow'" by Madeleine Osberger, December 23, 2009.  This article is a review of David Wood's book "Sanctuaries in the Snow" which is available for purchase on this site; see:

Snowmass Sun, untitled article of March 5, 2008 about Nick Buoniconti and Gabriel Hjertstedt visiting The Golf Shrine at Snowmass.

Snowmass Sun newspaper, ("The Shrines" series).  During the 2011-12 ski season there appeared in the Snowmass Sun newspaper a 21-part series of articles about various Aspen/Snowmass Shrines, all written by David Wood.

1. Jerry Garcia Shrine
2. Hunter S. Thompson Shrine

3. John Denver Shrine

4. Golf Shrine

5. 9/11 Shrine

6. Snoopy Shrine

7. Eric Smith Shrine

8. Michael Houser Shrine

9. Pete Bedford/Wacky Jack

10. Marilyn Monroe Shrine (and other shrines dedicated to women)

11. Aspens Skiing Pioneers

12. Kitty Cat Shrine

13. Elvis Presley Shrine

14. Adam Dennis, John Nicoletta, and Raoul Wille Shrines

15. Chris Polk and Robert Kesselring Shrines

16. Harland Adams, Nicholas Blake Davidson and Paul Krauss memorials

17. Gasperl, Kessler, Snyder, and Soddy Memorials

18. Todd Olson and Chuck Severy

19. Shrine Line

20. Brandon Zukoff

21. Vaughan, Hendrix, Jackson, Drummer

Somekindofbliss, February 7, 2015, "Shrines in the Snow"

Telluride Daily Planet, "(Hunter S.) Thompson Tribute," December 27, 2017, Allen Best, 

Travel & Leisure.  Snowmass is #16 in this August 19, 2014 article "America's Quirkiest Towns" by KATRINA BROWN HUNT, and they used the author's photo of the Hunter S. Thompson Shrine.  Here is a quote from the article:  "This ski town landed in the survey’s top 10 for being friendly and smart, but quirky isn’t too far behind.  After all, it seems locals have a habit of attaching stuff to trees.  The Sanctuaries in the Snow tour, led by a retired attorney, will take you to see the area’s best mysterious shrines—elaborate homages in the woods devoted to, say, Jerry Garcia, golf, or Snoopy."  Click this link and scroll down to #16:

Travel Channel (Video):  "REAL: Aspen, Kinga Philipps exposes the different sides and issues associated to this popular ski resort destination."  Advance to the 11:00 mark of the video to see the John Denver Shrine on Aspen Mountain."    (15:19)

The Tribune (Chandigarh, India), November 30, 2014 article "On the Aspen Trail."

Vail Daily, “Aspen chairlift turns 60, Among Lift 1's first riders was a St. Bernard named Bingo” by Scott Condon, January 11, 2007.  See:

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