Sanctuaries in the Snow

The 10th Mountain Division Display (Snowmass)

Inside the Ullrhof Mountain House at Snowmass there used to be a display for the 10th Mountain Division.  It is not there anymore; it was taken out at the end of the 2006-07 ski season.  A sign posted in the display said "Original 10th Mountain Equipment."  Photos of it as it existed when it was on display are below.

Many thanks to William Drake for providing (on August 3, 2014) this important information about these items: "My mother and I started collecting 10th MT stuff in the mid 90's to celebrate our kitchen manager's late husband who was a 10th veteran (Ken Isakson). By around the 1999-2000 season, we had filled all the wall space on the upper floor of the restaurant, thanks largely to many local 10th veterans like Steve Knowleton, Bert Bidwell and Gus Ball. When we sold the restaurant in 2007, and the new owners made it clear that they had no interest in maintaining the display, we returned all the photos, magazines and equipment to their rightful owners and donated everything we had collected ourselves to the Aspen Historical Society, the Colorado Ski Museum and a few local collectors. Richard Allen from was also a great resource for period equipment."

One item that was included in the display was a photo of Bert Bidwell, who was responsible for the 10th Mountain Division Sculpture and Plaque at Aspen Mountain, which is covered on this site here:

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