Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Culwell Bar (Snowmass)

The Culwell Bar used to be downstairs at Gwyn's High Alpine restaurant on Snowmass before the 2016 remodel.  (The opening day of the remodel was December 10, 2016.)  Charles "Cully" Culwell (of Snowmass Village; Dallas; and Fort Lauderdale, Florida) donated that bar-top and it was named after him.  There was a brass plate on the bar-top that said "Culwell Bar."  There were also a couple signs around that said "Culwell Bar."  After the 2016 remodel the bar was moved upstairs on the main level.  It is still called the Culwell Bar, but it is spelled "Cullwell" instead of "Culwell" on the sign.  And there is a new bar-top and there is no brass plate in it.  The present whereabouts of the old bar-top is not known.  See this page:


For photos of the bar, see this Facebook photo album (you do not need a Facebook account to view this album):