Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Elk Camp Mural (4)--Sarah Cain "Mountain Song" (Snowmass)

The Sarah Cain Mural, "Mountain Song," was in the Elk Camp restaurant on Snowmass.  It opened on November 23, 2017, and was replaced by a tapestry by Herbert Bayer at the beginning of the 2018-19 ski season.  It was the fourth offering in the Elk Camp restaurant of the Aspen Art Museum and the Aspen Skiing Company for their "Art in Unexpected Places" program.  It replaced a mural called "Resonant Tides" by Shinique Smith.  For more information, see this October 9, 2017 Aspen Times article:

"Sarah Cain commissioned for Elk Camp mural at Snowmass
Los Angeles–based painter Sarah Cain will produce a large-scale, site-responsive installation at the Aspen Skiing Co.'s Elk Camp restaurant on the Snowmass Ski Area, to be unveiled Nov. 24 [actually, it was unveiled the day before, on November 23, 2017, ed.] 

Cain creates playful, abstract installations with a bold use of color, improvisation and a variety of perspectives. Within her lyrical, energetic compositions, she incorporates found objects and recycled materials, transformed using the language of sculpture. The artist became known early in her career for seeking out opportunities to create expansive, temporary site-responsive works in such diverse and unexpected architectural spaces as a Masonic lodge, a parking lot, a hotel and an abandoned shopping mall, among other venues.  Cain's on-mountain artwork at Elk Camp will replace Shinique Smith's "Resonant Tides" and follow murals by Teresita Fernandez and Dave Muller at Elk Camp."

Also see this November 23, 2017 Aspen Times article by Andrew Travers:  "Sarah Cain’s ‘Mountain Song’ unveiled on Snowmass Ski Area" The photos of the mural shown below are part of this Aspen Times article.

Also see this article:  "Extreme Painting:  Artist Sarah Cain Hits the Slopes With New Aspen Ski Lodge Mural" by Sarah Cascone, November 24, 2017. 

See this March 6, 2018 Snowmass Sun article by Andrew Travers, "Artist Sarah Cain returns to see her Snowmass mural in action."  Click here: 

The other murals that have been in the Elk Camp restaurant:


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The photos in this section were taken by the author in early December 2017.  Click on images to enlarge.

Sanctuaries in the Snow

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