Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Go Go Gully Shrine (Aspen Highlands)

The Go Go Gully Shrine is on Aspen Highlands.  Here are two videos.  The first video is of the the Shrine, and the second video is of the gully:  1.  and 2. 
This is what Neal Beidleman has to say about Go Go Gully in his book "Aspen Ski and Snowboard Guide" page 62:  "Head down Y-2 Whips and bear left a third of the way down.  A steep narrow gully appears if there is snow coverage.  There's also a gnar-gnar entrance from the upper Hyde Park shelf--but usually the only traffic it sees, owing to its southerly aspect, is that of Go Go's ski-packing tracks, getting it ready (or not) for a storm that will actually fill it in..."  The skis in the Shrine are HEAD, and there is a skull and crossbones sign.
Photos of the Shrine are below; click on images to enlarge.