Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Golf Shrine (Aspen Mountain)

(Note, this page is for a small shrine dedicated to the deceased greats of the game of golf on Aspen Mountain.  If you are looking for the larger and more famous Golf Shrine on Snowmass, go to this link:

The Golf Shrine on Aspen Mountain is dedicated to sixteen deceased greats of the game:  Tommy Armour, James Braid, Henry Cotton, Jimmy Demaret, Walter Hagen, Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones, Old Tom Morris, Young Tom Morris, Byron Nelson, Francis Ouimet, Gene Sarazen, Sam Snead, Payne Stewart, J. H. Taylor, and Harry Vardon.  It contains many photos of these golfers, a street sign that says "Golf Shrine Ln," a golf bag with some golf clubs in it, a sign that says "Golf Bag Drop," USGA scoring signs, a sign that says "Clean spikes before entering," some golf shoes, a Colorado vanity license plate that says "One Putt," some Trashmasters golf tournament items, a bucket of range balls, and many other items. 

For an August 2008 Golf Shrine video see this link:  Thanks to the very creative Bob for shooting and producing this video.

There used to be a Plum TV (Ch. 16 in Aspen) video showing several shrines including The Golf Shrine at Aspen; however, the link no longer works.  The video was shot in December 2008 or January/February 2009 and featured Tim Mooney.   Almost half of the segment was devoted to The Golf Shrine and while showing some very good video of that shrine, Tim Mooney is quoted as follows: “Look where we are—golf heaven. Wonderful commemorations of all the illustrious golfers. Payne Stewart, Jimmy Demaret, Sam Snead, Henry Cotton, Tommy Armour. Look at these guys, here in a ski area, in our back yard, our playground. It’s got golf people. There is room for everybody. You can come here and sit down and think about your great golf game, the great places you can play golf, how beautiful it is to tee it up.” 

As far as the author can tell, the Golf Shrine on Aspen Mountain has had at least three locations.  At first it was located near Summer Road.  Then it was moved to a spot near Ruthie's Run.  In March 2012 it was moved to a third location, in the trees up above Bonnie's in a well-hidden spot.  Photos of the shrine are below.  (I'm not sure why it has been moved around like that.)

Someone has added to this shrine a memorial for Gregory (Greg) Richard Gray, May 14, 1950--February 27, 2009, 58 years old, Buena Vista, Sonoma County, CA.  There is a laminated photo of him attached to a tree which says "A great golfer, the best father."  See photos below and also see this page:

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