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The Golf Shrine (New) (Snowmass)



This Shrine no longer exists.  In April of 2021 the Snowmass Ski Patrol tore out this Shrine, along with 9 more Shrines.  Here are the names of the 10 Shrines that they tore out:  Ben Hogan Shrine, Bob Beattie Shrine, Bobby Jones Shrine, Chicago Blackhawks Shrine, Golf Shrine, Hunter S. Thompson Shrine, Kitty Cat Shrine, Minnesota Shrine, Spider Sabich Shrine, Stein Eriksen Shrine.       

See this Aspen Times article:



This page is about what is called on this site the "New" Golf Shrine, which is the Golf Shrine that came into existence on Snowmass in November of 2018.  I have been told that this Shrine was installed by some golf members of the Snowmass Club, but I have not been able to verify that.  Many thanks to the extraordinary Vega Brhely for finding the new Golf Shrine, and then telling me its location.   

There is another page on this site that is about what is called the "Old" Golf Shrine, which is a Golf Shrine that came into existence on Snowmass in February of 2007, was torn out by the Snowmass Ski Patrol in February of 2017, was rebuilt, and then was torn out again when in the summer of 2018 the Ski Company put in a bike path that ran right down the middle of where it had been located.  This Old Golf Shrine was located on the right side of the Bear Bottom run, near the spot where the Gunner's View run intersected it.  The New Golf Shrine is located at a different location than the Old Golf shrine.   This is the link to the page on this site for the Old Golf Shrine:   This is the link to the page on this site that tells about the Snowmass Ski Patrol tearing out the old Golf Shrine:

The new Golf Shrine consists of 8 trees which contain photos of deceased golfers, as follows, in clockwise order.

Tree 1:  Byron Nelson

Tree 2:  Ben Hogan

Tree 3:  Arnold Palmer

Tree 4:  Bobby Jones

Tree 5:  Harry Vardon

Tree 6:  Sam Snead

Tree 7:  Women golfers

Tree 8:  Nine different golfers--Payne Stewart, Gene Sarazen, Francis Ouimet, Billy Casper, James Braid, Tommy Armour, Old and Young Tom Morris, Henry Cotton, and Walter Hagen.

The Shrine also appears to have in it the green and white street sign that was in the old Golf Shrine.

Photos of the New Golf Shrine, taken in the November 2018 to April 2019 time period, are in the photo section immediately below.  Click on images to enlarge.  Also see more material beneath the photo section.


Internationally famous ski writer Louise Hudson visited the new Golf Shrine, with her husband Simon, on February 5, 2019.  See the two photos of them below that were taken on that day by the author of this site.  Simon and Louise were among the first visitors to this new Shrine.  Louise had this to say about it:  "None of the shrines are obvious from the slopes – indeed they are discreetly designed to evade the human eye not least because they are technically illegal under Forestry Service rules.  But one of the most cunningly concealed is in a closeted clearing which celebrates golf, Snowmass’s summer religion.  Supplicants have set up camping chairs to contemplate the careers of golfing greats such as Seve Ballesteros, Ben Hogan, Payne Stewart and Harry Vardon and, for the in-the-know, there’s also buried booty.  Ten-year whiskey, white wine and a couple of other quaffs are secreted in a snow-proof sack beneath the powder, ready for a toasting tribute to these seminal sportsmen - but only after each attendee has chosen an apposite golf quote to recite."  See this link:


For more on Louise, click this link:  


Click on images to enlarge.


In late 2019 Simon and Louise published a book, "A Worldwide Guide to Retirement Destinations" and used one of the above photos on the cover of the book (click on image to enlarge):


The photos in this section immediately below were taken during the 2019-2020 ski season.


See this December 2019 Aspen Times video which covers some Snowmass Shrines including the Golf Shrine:    "In today’s episode of The Drop-In, Maddie and Kelsey ski Elk Camp and tour a couple of its shrines as the snow begins to fall."


This photo of the Golf Shrine appeared in the Aspen Times of January 2, 2020, in an article ("The Right To Shrine") by Maddie Vincent     Click on images to enlarge.


See this Facebook photo album for more photos of the new Golf Shrine that were taken during the 2019-2020 ski season: including photos of a green and white street sign ("Golf Shrine Ln") and a horseshoe that were up in the old Golf Shrine before it was torn out by the Snowmass Ski Patrol.  Sometime after the new Golf Shrine was established, both of these items mysteriously reappeared in the new Golf Shrine.  Click on images to enlarge.

Sanctuaries in the Snow

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