Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Henry L. Stein Sculpture (Aspen Mountain)

The Henry L. Stein sculpture is located on the Hyman Mall in Aspen.  See this link:  which states that the sculptor was "Benedict Brother" and that it was dedicated in 1974 (and there is a metal plate on the base of the sculpture that says this).  The dedication in 1974 was seven years before Henry died.  This link also contains this description of the sculpture:  "Thin male figure stands with his legs apart and slightly bent.  His proper left arm is lowered and parallel to his proper left leg while his proper right arm is bent at the elbow and his forearm is extended forward.  Both of his hands are large compared to the size of his body.  He is holding an object in both hands. The figure is dressed in western attire."

The sculpture is metal, on a wooden base.   The following is engraved on the wooden base:  

"In Memory of Henry L. Stein, April 6, 1909 -- February 5, 1981."


Ten photos of it, taken by the author in April of 2020, are below.  Click on images to enlarge.


Henry L. Stein authored a book, "Frontiers Past" that was published after he died (first edition 1982 copyright Marjorie B. Stein, 175 pages).  Click on images to enlarge. 


See this letter to the editor of the Aspen Daily News from Mary Stein Dominick-Coomer regarding the Henry Stein Park and Henry Stein Bridge:

Also see the photo section below which has photos taken in May of 2020 of the Henry Stein Park (1 photo), Henry Stein Bridge (7 photos), and some Henry Stein Trail signs (4 photos).  One of the photos of the bridge shows the sign which is posted there which states:  “This bridge was originally built in 1890 across the Roaring Fork River in Basalt, Colorado. It was moved here in October 1973 by Henry Stein, John Rodriguez, Mike Weiley, Kelly Jamison, Billy Jamison.”

Click on images to enlarge.