Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Jeff Walker Shrine (Aspen Highlands)

The Jeff Walker (Robert Jefferson Walker) Shrine is on Aspen Highlands. The shrine came into existence in March, 2014 on the one year anniversary of Mr. Walker's death. See these three links for more information: 1.   2. 3. The following information is taken from these three articles. Mr. Walker of Aspen died of a gunshot wound to the head on March 7, 2013, according to the Pitkin County Coronor's Office, which ruled his death a suicide. His body was recovered from a steep, wooded area at Aspen Highlands on Thursday morning after a snowboarder discovered it Wednesday afternoon. The body was located about 30 yards outside Highland Bowl, in an out-of-bounds area. Walker had been the focus of an intense search at Highlands after he was reported missing. His ski pass had been scanned at 12:04 p.m. on March 7 at the ski area, making Highlands his last known whereabouts. Skiers and snowboarders, ski patrollers and members of Mountain Rescue Aspen combed Highland Bowl and other areas at Highlands, checking tree wells and searching outside the in-bounds ski terrain. Members of Walker's family came to town and began a fundraising campaign to pay for costs taken on the search. He was a wine expert and consultant. His body was found in the "Grey Area," which is owned by the U.S. forest service and is permanently closed to skiers. A search operation organized by Mr. Walker's brother, Buzz, took place in an attempt to find him and $18,000 was raised towards the search effort. Mr. Walker's girlfriend Liz Sathe consulted three separate psychics in the hope it would shed light on his disappearance. He was a fan of the band Widespread Panic. See this Facebook page "Tie one on for Jeff Walker" which also contains photos.


One photo of the shrine is below (click on it to enlarge it). For more photos of this shrine, see this Facebook photo album (you do not need a Facebook account to view this album):  All photos of this shrine are copyrighted by Beth Friedman Mobilian and are used here with her permission.  No other use of these photos is permitted without her express written consent.