Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Mark Bedell Shrine (Aspen Mountain)

The Mark Bedell Shrine is on Aspen Mountain.  Photos of it are below (click images to enlarge).  Thanks to Eric Bedell (Mark's brother) for the photo contributions.
Mark was born in January 1956 and died in August 2016.  This article appeared in the Aspen Times on August 12, 2016:  "On August 1, 2016, Mark Bedell, at 60 years old, passed away peacefully at home.  Mark was full of life, passionate about everything and anything to do with the outdoors ever since his childhood.  Mark graduated from Cornell University with a masters degree in Landscape Architecture.  After beginning his career with an architectural design firm in New Canaan, CT, he spent a year planning what turned out to be a life changing adventure.  He resigned his positions and embarked on the 1000 mile off trail journey from Glacier National Forest to Yellowstone National Park.  While on his trek he greeted with an offer to move to Aspen to join the distinguished staff of Design Workshop in Aspen.  These two events solidified what turned out to be Mark's life long commitment to working and enjoying Mother Earth and all she had to offer.  His life would always be in an environment that fed his love of the outdoors which fed his soul. In Mark's own words, "God presented me with a lifestyle he knew I would love."  Mark later opened his own firm in Aspen called Landforms and spent the rest of his days making Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley more beautiful.  His clients came to trust his devotion to perfection and meticulous attention to detail.  His craftsmen helped him execute his designs and visions with stellar results.  Mark was an artist and his respect and appreciation for Mother Nature was always present in his work.  Along his life's journey, Mark attracted into his life a large, diverse cadre of like minded, free spirited and active people who shared his love for biking, skiing, hiking, camping, fishing, snowmobiling and back-country adventures.  None so much as the love of his life Jeanne who was a mirror image of Mark in the passion they shared and the values they were committed to:  love of family, friends and for each other.  Mark was exceptionally devoted to his two sons Keaton and Landon who were raised to love and appreciate the life and the great outdoors.  He was their guide and teacher every step of the way.  He instilled in them a commitment to education, a strong sense of responsibility to community and family and of course a love and appreciation for the outdoors.  As a son and a brother Mark was true to his passion of the outdoors and was usually found there.  Family adventures included camping, hiking, skiing and fishing – all things Mark continued to relish for his entire life. His artistic and mechanical traits were obviously inherited from his father.  His cooking skills from his mother.  Friends and family use words and phrases like, "Mark set the standard, "Kept us all safe", "Demonstrated true courage and strength", "Broke trail for all of us in so many ways", "Infectious smile, laugh and crazy sense of humor", "A connector", "Everyone's best friend", "A creator of magical moments", "Gracious giver", "Loyal and honest," and "The Maestro".  They were all inspired by the way he took on his long battle with cancer with such grace, courage, tenacity and dignity.  As a fighter who never gave up and who always took the lead on staying positive and hopeful through it all.  Mark never missed a powder day.  He wanted to share his cabin on Larkspur Mountain with everyone and could often be found on Ajax or at Beedle's Honey Hole, his favorite secret fishing spot in Woody Creek.  In sharing all of this, he pushed people to be the best they could be and brought out the best in everyone.  From a dear friend, "This should be a joyous time, because while in life there's death, it's in death that there may be new life.  Have faith.  Sadness is not for the dead, it's for the loss suffered by the living.  Think of how much Mark showed his family, friends, acquaintances & strangers how to live life, to fight for life and to celebrate each day as a gift.  The challenge he left is not to despair and to fret, but to live life now, to find and to give meaning in what we say and do and never to forget we're blessed with only a short time to make truly positive difference in the world.  Mark is greatly missed by his father Robert Bedell, brothers Craig and Eric and sister Cynthia, his sons Keaton and Landon and his wife Jeanne Cancilla Bedell.  He will always be missed by his former spouse and mother of his sons Linda Frenkel Bedell as well as by his extended family, in-laws, nieces, nephews and so many close friends.  Mark has been reunited with his mother Barbara, and his grandparents, as well of 2 of his very best friends.  Mark expressed the wish that remembrances would be made in the form of support and donations to Pathfinders in his honor at"

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Sanctuaries in the Snow

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