Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Patti Seifert (Patti's Paradise) Shrine (Aspen Mountain)


This Shrine is located on Aspen Mountain.  Photos of it are below.

Patti died on July 27, 2008 after an 11-year battle with cancer.  Her obituary, and also a letter to the editor from Junee Kirk are shown below, in the section following the photos.

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Letter to the Editor from Junee Kirk, Aspen Times, August 4, 2008, "Remembering Patti Seifert."
"Dear Editor:


Aspen has lost one of the most beloved kindergarten teachers it has ever had: Patti Seifert. She touched the lives of all those who knew her well and garnered the respect of parents and students alike.


Parents would line up to have their children placed in Patti's creative, stimulating, active, hands-on discovery classes. There was never an unhappy child, as every child was left to explore his or her own talent and was left with a legacy of love for learning.


Patti's love of nature, wildlife and conservation of the natural world (as well as her devotion to her dog, Nanook) were all part of what made up the warmth and beauty of her person.


She died on July 27, to the shock and sadness of many of us, after fighting a valiant battle with cancer discovered 11 years ago. She logged in 60 days of powder skiing last winter, and hiked the Difficult trail all spring; yet it was pneumonia that ultimately took her away from us.


Aspen has lost a truly remarkable, caring, special person in Patti Seifert, and many of us who knew her well will deeply feel the loss for some time to come.

Memorial services will be held sometime in late August.


Junee Kirk



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