Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Rowley Memorial Plaques (Snowmass)

The Rowley Memorial Plaques are attached to a tree on the Big Burn on Snowmass. They are in memory of Herbert A. Rowley (March 25, 1918-September 19, 2001) and Lucille Shinn Rowley (January 20, 1918-October 3, 2013). The following material in the next paragraph was given the author by their daughter, Blythe Lynd, in an April 8, 2015 e-mail:

My parents were big skiers, my Dad worked all year as a painting/wallpaper contractor, saving up for ski trips. They lived in Walnut Creek, CA and were members of a ski group from the Bay Area called the Hal Roberts Group. They skied all over the world, Europe and even Chile, but my Dad’s favorite was Snowmass. Needless to say, he was thrilled when my husband and I moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 1975. My favorite ski days were skiing with my parents, and our daughter Kelsey; so great to have three generations having fun together. My Dad passed away in September 2001 at 83, and it seemed only appropriate to put a plaque in a tree for him. My mom passed away October 2013, and in her honor we added a plaque to the same tree. My Dad’s plaque says his name Herbert Rowley, 3/25/18 – 9/19/2001, and "Burning Daylight." That’s what he always said, whenever we stopped skiing to take a break; he would comment, "Come on we're burning daylight." His plaque is brass. My mom’s plaque says her name, Lucille Shinn Rowley 1/20/18 – 10/3/2013, and her plaque is black. The plaques are about 10 feet up in the tree (yes my husband climbed up into the tree and attached them) facing out toward the run. As the snow melts, there is a big rock at the base of the tree. If you continue on past the tree, there is a nice powder shoot below, which we of course have named “Herb’s Hollow”.

Photos taken by the author on April 9, 2015 are below and they can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Many thanks to Blythe Lynd, Ed Petrosius, and Alex Goldberg for their help with this page.