Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Scooter LaCouter Signs (Aspen Mountain)

There are two Scooter LaCouter signs on Aspen Mountain as covered below.  They both pertain to ski instructor David "Scooter" LaCouter, who coached the Aspen Mt. Patrol duo of Erki Peltonen and Flint Smith to victory in two World Championships in Powder Eights.   He also participated in the 1968 Interski event at Aspen; see my page for this on this web site:   And for more on Scooter, see this article:

Thanks to Ed Cross and Chris Corrigan for their help with the information on this page.

The first sign says "Scooter's Chute" and is located in the trees above Bonnie's.  Nine photos taken by the author on October 3-4, 2016, are shown immediately below; click on images to enlarge. 


Shown below are five other photos pertaining to Scooter; click on images to enlarge.


Shown below are four more photos related to the above, all by Chris Corrigan.




For more on the Ellen's Folly sign, see this page:

Sanctuaries in the Snow

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