Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Shorts's Crabass Sign (Aspen Mountain)

The "Shorts's Crabass" sign is on Aspen Mountain.  Many thanks to Tim Bonner for telling me about it and contributing the photos.  It is named after Greg Lee and thanks to Greg for this information about the sign:  "It's a tight line in the fairly thick trees off Gent's ridge that caught my eye a number of years ago.  Upon introducing Jeff Shoaf to its delights, he opined that it is 'tighter than a crab's ass' (which is waterproof).  The name stuck and our buddy Tommy Ogden later memorialized it with the sign.  My nickname of (Rip) Shorts was included on the sign along with the crab reference." 

Also, many thanks to Mike Monroney and Mark Hesselschwert  for their help with the information on this page.


Photos of the sign are below; click on images to enlarge.