Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Ute Chute Trail (Buttermilk)

The Ute Chute kids' trail is on Buttermilk, and is unique in two respects:  1.  Of the 11 kids' trails that are listed on a sign (photo of sign is below) at the top of Buttermilk at the Guest Services hut (as of January 2019), it is the only kids' trail that does not have the name of the trail on a sign at the beginning of the trail.  Although the Ute Chute trail exists, there is no sign there that identifies it as "Ute Chute."  2.  All of these kids' trails are listed and shown on the Kids Mountain Guide trail map except for Ute Chute.  It used to be shown on that map, but was dropped from it on the map for the 2018-19 ski season.  So, the first 10 kids' trails shown on the sign below are shown on the trail map; Ute Chute is not.  Click on image to enlarge.