Sanctuaries in the Snow

The Weasel's Woo-Hoo Sign (Snowmass)

The Weasel's Woo-Hoo sign is on Snowmass.  It is named for Karen Kraft, who is shown in the photos below.  These photos were taken in March 2019; click on images to enlarge.  Many thanks to John Walker for his help with this one. 


This sign was put up in 1996, so as of 2021, when this was written, it has been there for 25 years!  Many thanks to Karen Kraft for giving the author, in February 2021, the information in the next paragraph about this sign. 

The whole “Weasel’s Woo-Hoo story:  The original “Powder Sluts” (Karen Kraft, Mari Rainer, and Polly Ross) have been skiing this pitch since the early 1990’s on powder days, screaming "Woo-Hoo" with excitement!  Eddie Rainer, long time ski instructor on Aspen Mountain, named Karen Kraft the “Weasel,” because he said that she could "weasel thru everything."  Mari Rainer designed the sign and had it made.  Mari, Eddie, and Polly then went to install it on Karen's 40th birthday in 1996.  They all knew she would ski directly there. They all skied off, and Karen arrived first, looked up and saw the sign, and for once in her life was speechless!!!  That my friends is the Weasel’s Woo-Hoo story!!

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Sanctuaries in the Snow

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