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Walter Niedermayr -- The Aspen Series

The Aspen Series is by Walter Niedermayr.  The following quote is from this page:

"Featured at venues and locations throughout Aspen Snowmass, a multi-site exhibition of internationally renowned artist, Walter Niedermayr, entitled The Aspen Series is displayed with large-scale photographs and banners.  Paula and Jim Crown, partners of Aspen Skiing Company, commissioned The Aspen Series by artist Walter Niedermayr in 2009 as a demonstration of their passion for both art and the natural surroundings of the mountainous areas and towns in Aspen Snowmass.  Guests and local citizens can visit the exhibit locations on foot, snowshoes, skis or snowboard.  Walter Niedermayr has worked in alpine regions around the world since the late 1980s, using his camera to explore the issues surrounding the presence and interference of people in sensitive landscapes.  These are the first works produced in the U.S. by the internationally acclaimed artist.  The Aspen Series depicts the winter landscape of the iconic ski resort in the Rocky Mountains, on which a highly ambitious kind of tourism has taken a heavy toll.  Aspen Skiing Company in conjunction with Jim and Paula Crown, released the book The Aspen Series by Walter Niedermayr in March 2013 (ISBN 978-3-7757-3212-3 -- see photo of the book below).  This illustrative book vividly explores the commission and exhibition of Niedermayr's 42 photographic compositions, the video "Downhill" and a digital pattern, representing landscape scenes of specific locales across the four mountains that make up Aspen Snowmass.  The Aspen Series continues the tradition of mind, body and spirit, and establishes Aspen Snowmass as a unique cultural and recreational destination.  Combing nature and tourism in alpine landscapes from a new and exciting perspective, this innovative slopeside exhibition is another one of the many reasons to visit Aspen Snowmass.  The exhibition is spread across the resort including installations on Aspen Mountain, the City of Aspen, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass."

This is the video "Downhill" which is mentioned above:

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Sanctuaries in the Snow

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